Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Moving On...

I started this blog in 2008. Hard to believe! Now, as I turn my attentions toward my new book project (which is still about sound, word, and voice of course), I am going to let things go dormant here and focus on a book-specific blog. If you would like to visit my new blog, click here.

My book is a work of fiction crossed with a work of nonfiction, non-fiction-fiction (?), titled The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound. To learn more about it, please visit the new Unknown Mother Blog.

There's still lots to read and look at here, so if you're visiting for the first time, stay awhile. After 3+ years, the archives are loaded!


Friday, October 21, 2011

The Four Agreements: Horse Sense?

On a hillside in Marshall, NC, clothed in the glorious colors of Fall, sits a horse ranch of sorts called Horse Sense. They offer equine-assisted therapy and various trainings. Having recently seen the movie, Buck, I was curious to learn what I could discover about myself by interacting with horses. So I registered for a training that was right up my alley called Beyond Words: Lie to Me? The focus was on reading body language objectively.

I was surprised to learn that the lessons of the horse are the same lessons of one of my all time favorite books, The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz:

Don't Make Assumptions:
Just because a horse is smaller than the others doesn't mean he's the youngest, and just because a horse behaves one way all morning long doesn't mean it always behaves that way.

Take Nothing Personally:
Just because a horse turns its back to me as I approach doesn't mean it doesn't like me.

Be Impeccable with Your Word
To lead a blindfolded partner walking a horse through a maze, it is essential to know when to say left and when to say right.

Always Do Your Best
A horse with a compulsive need to bite wood is doing his best. While the original stimulus for the behavior is, of course, long gone, the behavior has become part of the neurology.

So what does any of this have to do with anything anyway?

That's the really amazing thing about working with horses. They teach us about ourselves. They clearly reflect ourselves back to us. If I can accept that a horse ignoring me isn't doing it on purpose, then why not a stranger? If I can stop myself from jumping to conclusions about a horse's behavior, then why not a lover's? If I can be clear with my words and body language to direct a horse, then surely I can focus my intent at work. And if I can accept that a horse with an annoying habit isn't all bad, maybe there's hope for me too.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Evolution of Revolution: What Are You Demonstrating?

Things are really heating up in this country. People are taking to the streets to demand accountability of our leaders, both in government and in financing. At first, I was very excited to join in the demonstrations, but after reading some boards on Facebook, I had second thoughts. Did I really want to be a part of so much anger and blame? Did I want to stand amidst all that confusion and negativity? Is that what I've spent my spiritual life preparing for?

This morning, I watched a video taken on the Brooklyn Bridge from the Occupy Wallstreet March of a 7 year old girl being arrested. Police brutality? Look, I don't know. I only know how my physical and emotional body responded to that video, and probably not in the way you'd expect.

As I watched the child with the police, I noticed her smile. I noticed her inner calm. I noticed her dignity and wisdom. As I listened to the ranting crowd, I felt discombobulated, fearful, and quite frankly, disgusted. Their voices were harsh and ugly. They were, in their anger and resentment, embodying the very energy they claim to be against. They were the real children...and they were tantruming. I should know; I've been an expert at that.

If we are going to make demands of our leaders to be held accountable, to take better care of the 99%, then we had better well demonstrate THAT! It isn't an easy road ahead. There are too many voices in our own heads, too many people needing to be right. Too much hatred and blame. That may be a revolution, but where is the evolution?

Those of us with eyes to see, we've got to stand and simply witness both sides, those shouting for justice, those using this as a means to vent violence, those twisting truth to suit themselves, those who just haven't grown up enough to stand like that child begin arrested did...and we've GOT to accept them both, love them both. We've got to SHOW people the way is INSIDE. If we're going to demonstrate, then we all better be asking ourselves WTF we're actually demonstrating. Immaturity? The need to be right? Victimhood? Do we really stand for that? It would seem so for many.

Here are my demands. I make them of myself. May my mind know peace, equanimity, compassion, and joy no matter what my outer experience. May these qualities arise in me spontaneously and effortlessly. May I stand for the Love that illusion continues to veil.

That's how to change the world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Global Celebration on 11-11-11: Ascension Cyber Shamanic Dance Wave

Dancers, Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Lovers of Life!

Join the Global Celebration!!


Trance dance your way through the doorway of incoming 11:11 energies with a specially
created cosmic transmission from cyber-shamanic composers, Shapeshifter.

To host or locate events in your area, visit and join

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Shapeshifter created an all original soundtrack for this event. The music begins and ends softly with ambient tapestries of sounds, but the middle is full of many shifts and changes to engage the dancer in subtle to deeper level trance like dance movements. The music is electronic and features styles in any and all of these genres: Ambient, Electronic, Space, New Age, Trance, Wobble, Dubstep, Techno, Rave, House, Psy, Goa.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How Music Works

Another great free documentary!